This site is an index of past and present work I have done in tech, security, and research. Check it any of these links or feel free to contact me about anything.

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Stockswipe (Web App)

Unhackthon 2nd place winner @AlleyNYC

Stock ticker browser built with NodeJS and Leap Motion

Stockswipe is an elegant browsing solution for stock ticker data. The app is entirely controlled by your hand, not keyboard input, thanks to the motion gesture recognition from the Leap Motion. Data is beautifully presented, without sacrificing pinpoint data and metrics.

br00t (Web App, Network App)

Entry in MHacks hackathon @University of Michigan

Web server built with Node.js, Express,

br00t is a cloud-distributed brute-force password cracker! Without any hacking, any client that visits the br00t web server will be entered into the botnet. Every client that's part of the botnet is incorporated into the equation necessary to brute-force access into a password. It's fast, sneaky, and totally dangerous.

Project Revere

AtrocityWatch hackthon 1st place winner @Cloudera HQ

Communication platform built with NodeJS and cellular SMS protocols.

Project Revere is intended for foreign aid workers and NGOs who are actively operating in a given area. It can assist in region-wide notifications, similar to an Amber-Alert type of system of mass-distributed notifications in a given proximity.

Project Moses

Hack for Change hackathon 3rd place Winner @SFSU

Maps safest route, not the fastest route, on Google Maps.

The program uses SFPD Crime Reports through a Socrata database and displays them on a map with the Google Maps Javascript API.

North African Climate and Security Correlations

Demo of climate and security correlations with the R software

Research data supporting December 2013 term paper in Comparative Cultures

Key takeaways: While the correlations values around -.5 and .5, and the margins of errors valued around .1, a valid arguement can be made for terror being a function of regional climate change. What’s more, the correlation decreased once behavior that mitigated population growth was introduced and policies that helped farmers were undertaken.


North African Security Risks and links to Climate

Accepted and graded December 2013

Term paper for Comparative Cultures 3351

Investigates links between climate & terror

Measures of Intelligence Beyond Turing

Accepted and graded December 2013

Term paper for Philosophy of Human Nature

Examines future metrics of machine intelligence

Cyberterrorism and the USA Patriot Act

Accepted and graded March 2014

Case study for Terror and Society

Examines effectiveness of post-9/11 cyberterror provisions


It's Not A Spillover

Published February 2014

Published and Printed by the Fordham Political Review

The "spillover" of violence from Syria is a misleading narrative

Why al-Qaeda 4.0 is the Weakest

Published October 2013

Published and Printed by the Fordham Political Review

al-Qaida Central may be weak, but horizontal structure the global network has turned into produces more violent, sporadic attacks.

Millenials Can Save the GOP- If They Want To

Published March 2014

Published and Printed by the Fordham Political Review

Selfies and social media won't be enough; to attract millennials, the GOP needs solid legislative wins.

Quicktips to Finding Anything

Published June 2014

Published and hosted on Medium

How to think about sourcing to get just what you want.